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You're just boys
You don't know what you've angered
Did you know you're talking to the heart
 Of the machine?
...from the song Respect featured on the Gary Numan album New Anger

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LAST UPDATE: 12-MAY-2001.  Added photos from the concert in Philadelphia.
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LAST UPDATE:  28-MAR-2001. Tour dates and Beggars reissues.
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LAST UPDATE: 8-MAR-2006.  Added "Jagged".
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This site is very much a work in progress.  There are just a ton of sites dedicated to Gary Numan (click on the Numan Network logo below) and I couldn't possibly begin to match the sophisticated content of many of them.  Where I am able, I will present original content, elsewhere I will provide links to other sites, provided I have the approval of the site's author.  I have chosen a 'look and feel' that resembles Gary's 1981 album, "Dance". For me, this album is the best overall of Gary's long and wonderful musical career.  The songs are vivid and well constructed and the "image" (as seen to the right) portrayed by Gary is, well...cool.
Credits I'd like to thank Joey Lindstrom for maintaining the Gary Numan Fan Server and hosting this website.

I'm not a java programmer.  All the java effects (like the rotating cube on this page) were done with a super easy code generator called Anfy.  Highly recommended! 

I'm also not a graphic artist.  Most of the icons were retreived from IconBAZAAR.

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