This is what it's all about, isn't it?  All these albums are in my personal collection.  Some are CD reissues of the original album and contain songs not on the original release.  This is not a even close to a complete list of Gary's work.  You'll want to visit Joey Lindstrom's  to view "The Compleat Discography" for the whole story.

All  music clips are Real audio format.  Space restrictions prevent me from posting all the clips I'd like to include so I'll try to rotate in new clips periodically.  Requests accepted.
Original Release
Tubeway Army 1978 Studio Album
Replicas 1979 Studio Album
The Pleasure Principle 1979 Studio Album
Telekon 1980 Studio Album
Dance 1981 Studio Album
I, Assassin 1982 Studio Album
Warriors 1983 Studio Album
The Plan 1984 Demos & unreleased songs
Berserker 1984 Studio Album
White Noise 1985 Live Album
The Fury 1985 Studio Album
Strange Charm 1986 Studio Album
Radio Heart 1987 Guest vocalist
New Anger 1989 Studio Album
The Skin Mechanic 1989 Live Album
Automatic 1989 Collaborative studio album
Outland 1990 Studio Album
Machine & Soul 1992 Studio Album
Sacrifice 1994 Studio Album
Human 1995 Soundtrack collaboration
Premier Hits 1996 Compliation album
Exile 1997 Studio Album
Nicholson & Numan (1987-1994) 1999 Guest vocalist (more from the Radio Heart sessions)
Pure 2000 Studio Album
Jagged 2006 Studio Album

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Author: Terrence Thoman
Last Updated: March 8, 2006