Songs originally on the U.S. release.
Songs originally on the U.K. release.
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The Plan

BBL 55 CD (1999 reissue)

This album is a collection of songs Tubeway Army recorded in 1977/1978 to pitch to record companies to get signed and were never really intended to be released as an album.

The songs have a strong punk influence as Gary considered this angle the best shot to strike a recording deal.

Many of the songs,  or parts of them, have been refined and released on later albums.

Gary quotes in the the liner notes that by the time Beggars Banquet released this album in 1984, that he had forgotten he'd even written half these songs.

That's Too Bad (Single version)
Oh! Didn't I Say
Out Of Sight
Bombers (Original version)
My Shadow In Vain (Original version)
This Machine (Steel And You - Original version)
Thoughts no. 2
Something's In The House (Original version)
Check It
The Monday Troop
This Is My Life
Mean Street
Crime Of Passion
The Life Machine (Original version)
Do You Best
Basic J
That's Too Bad (Original version)
Bombers (Single version)
Blue Eyes
O.D. Receiver
Fadeout 1930
Don't Be A Dummy

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